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The order was closed at Stop Loss level but there was no such price on the chart! What’s wrong?

Please, take into account the spread for each trading instrument and the principles of order execution when working in MetaTrader 4. We kindly remind you that, according to international trading conditions on the Forex market, Sell order opens at Bid price, and the chart shows this price as well. Closure of a Sell order is performed at Ask price, which exceeds the Bid price by the spread. According to the default settings of MetaTrader 4, only Bid price is shown on the chart, thus, if your Sell order is closed, you will need to add the spread of a trading instrument to the Bid price that you see on the chart. This way you will calculate the Ask price at which your order closed. For your own convenience, you can set your trading terminal to show Ask line (current Ask price) on the chart. (See What can I do to see both prices (Bid and Ask) on the chart?)

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