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Where can I get my referral link?

In your Personal area on the Partner account page, please, choose tab “Referral link”. You will see your referral link at the bottom of the page, in the field under “Referral link with your partner' id”. An IB can use any keyword, instead of his/her ID. To change your referral link, please, open your Partner account page in your Personal area (by clicking on the Partner account number in the table on the left) and choose tab “Referral link”. In the “Keyword” section, please, click on the link “Change keyword”. After you enter your keyword in the proper field and click on “Create a link”, it will be reflected at the bottom of the page, in the field below “Referral link with your keyword”. Please, note that only one referral link is valid at a time, i.e. the one that was created the latest. All previously created referral links become invalid.

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